About Us


 First of all we would love to share our story and journey with you. We are two women in our early 30s knowing what we want in fashion. Two friends who we known eachother for more then half their lives. The passion and story behind Label is that  to reach those women who are different, those who loves modest fashion but are not afraid of wearing AND beeing classy, elegent and so on. The eastern Inspiration and influences comes from our roots, that is Moroccan.

Above and beyond all,We want to distinguish ourseleves in many small little ways. Things that do count and are important for us. The journey we keep talking about and also your journey, in finding that Unique Dress to wear, starts at how you feel once you step in and meet the women behind the brand.We want to make you feel welcome, feel loved in every form of the word. Thats why we are doing this with love, passion and dignity. You know the name Label comes from our two last names melting together. Why did we choose this? Well we feelthat complement eachother in making this brand the best possible version of itself.